QMD, is the traditional molecule BMD. Ideal for both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Ideal for Necrotic Enteritis

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QG Linco, is Lincomycin 11% belonging to the Licosamide group of antibiotics. Ideal for growth promotion, against Necrotic enterit

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Quadramicin - Enramycin 8%  is an ideal antibiotic growth promoter for poultry. It improves feed efficiency, promotes growth ...

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STOPcox (Salinomycin 12%) is an ideal Anticoccidial premix, which works against a wide range of Eimeria spp. It exerts its ki...

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D-COX (Robenidine HCl 10%), is a potent broad spectrum Anticoccidial. Useful in the management of Coccidiosis, it is effective aga...

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Maduramix (Maduramicin Ammonium 1%), is a monovalent glycosidic ionophore. It forms a powerful tool in the management of Coccidios...

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